Yashica 35

This is the Yashica 35 rangefinder, purchased during a phase that also included the Nikon S2. Like the S2 this camera produces excellent images with minimal fuss. I also put the Argus C3 in the same category. Though the rangefinder… Read More ›

Yashica Y16

The Yashica Y16 is a very well built and capable camera. Its poor sales were due primarily to the proprietary cassette system that was dropped on Yashica’s later 16mm cameras. The camera came in several color combinations all gray with… Read More ›

Sunny Sixteens

I like miniature and subminiature cameras. Not only do they tend to have interesting designs but they take up a small amount of space in an increasingly large collection. If and when I shoot with any of these beauties, they will… Read More ›

Yashica J

The Yashica J, manufactured in 1961 is a nice 35mm with styling cues similar to other Japanese rangefinder models. The lens is a relatively fast Yashinon f2.8 45mm and though the camera has limited settings, the ones it does have… Read More ›

Yashica 635

Introduced in 1958, the Yashica 635 TLR is special in that it can use either 120 format film or 35mm with an adapter kit. It is very similar to the Yashika D with the exception of additional controls for 35mm… Read More ›

Yashica 44LM

Oft regarded as a Japanese interpretation of the baby Rolleiflex, the Yashica 44LM easily stands on its own as a capable small TLR. It’s compact size and solid build quality lends this camera to being carried on a regular basis…. Read More ›