Rollei 35T

The acquisition of this Rollei 35T, essentially a rename of the original Rollei 35, began what was an epic day of purchases at the monthly Civitan of Arlington Flea Market. In the end, I took this Rollei, Nikon EM with f1.8… Read More ›

Rollei XF35

Manufactured between 1974 and 1980 in Singapore, the Rollei XF35 is well-built, very pocketable 35mm rangefinder, slightly larger than the viewfinder Rollei 35. It is a match-needle camera, meaning that the shutter speed is linked to aperture setting. The XF35… Read More ›

Rollei Rolleicord II Type 3

This is the Rolleicord II Type 3, instead of a Rolleiflex I picked this up soon after starting my camera collection. This medium format twin-lens reflex camera uses 120 format film, though there was an attachment called the Rolleikin that allowed… Read More ›

Rollei 35

Production of German-made 35’s started in 1966 with Singapore following in 1971 with additional German models produced after the Singapore plant closed in 1981. The Rollei 35 can rightfully be called a miniature viewfinder camera as there was no smaller… Read More ›