Month: April 2016

Rollei 35

Production of German-made 35’s started in 1966 with Singapore following in 1971 with additional German models produced after the Singapore plant closed in 1981. The Rollei 35 can rightfully be called a miniature viewfinder camera as there was no smaller… Read More ›

Kodak Bantam (4.5)

The Kodak Bantam 4.5 is one of the first cameras I have run film through in 25+ years. It is an amazingly compact and capable 828 film camera that produces sharp images with good contrast. Build quality is exceptional, everything… Read More ›

Montanus Montana

The ingeniously named Montanus Montana is a capable, if bulky 35mm viewfinder camera similar to the Tower 51. It’s most notable features are a rotary aperture and unusual frame counter in addition to a cluttered focus scale which may lead to… Read More ›

Wirgin Edinex (II/v2)

This Wirgin Edinex, listed as v2 in some descriptions, just II in others was produced by Wirgin Weisbaden around 1951. It is a compact scale focus camera, with bottom load and handy door on the back to facilitate feeding film to the… Read More ›

Sears Tower 51 (1958a)

Manufactured for Sears by Kamerawerke Wilhelm Witt, this rangefinder was a great value (even compared to the Argus C-4) when it was introduced in 1958. The 51 has a two-piece wind lever on the top left, counter intuitive film loading… Read More ›