Month: September 2018

Argus C3 Matchmatic

The Argus C3 is one of the most ubiquitous cameras in the United States. Rarely will one pass through a flea market or antiques mall without seeing one of these “bricks”. As such, they are often overlooked as a decent… Read More ›

Minolta Super A

This is a gorgeous rangefinder that I cannot wait to use. It has classic styling and features that matched or bested many of its rivals. Of particular note are the centrally located shutter speed selector and click-stop aperture ring both… Read More ›

Mandel PDQ Model H

This interesting camera caught my eye while perusing my copy of McKeown’s a.k.a. My Wishlist. The idea of a paper direct positive camera is appealing to me as another aspect of the hobby. It consists of a wooden box camera… Read More ›