Month: August 2017

Mamiya Six IV

Not to be confused with the later Mamiya 6, this is the Mamiya Six folding camera. I came across this camera when trying to decide what gear to take on a multi-day backpacking trip. It was only after receiving the… Read More ›

Rollei 35T

The acquisition of this Rollei 35T, essentially a rename of the original Rollei 35, began what was an epic day of purchases at the monthly Civitan of Arlington Flea Market. In the end, I took this Rollei, Nikon EM with f1.8… Read More ›

Minox 35GL

This is the Minox 35GL, manufactured circa 1979 and reportedly the smallest 35mm full-frame camera at the time. The controls are laid out well, even for someone like me that has larger than normal hands. The hardest part about using… Read More ›