Month: April 2017

Olympus OM-2n

Like the OM-1n, the Olympus OM-2n is a great camera in a compact package. With a body measuring 136x83x50mm, the OM-2n is smaller than many modern mirrorless cameras. It is very similar to the Om-2 with the addition of having… Read More ›

Found Film: Vietnam Edition

My Futura Standard was an eBay acquisition. It had a roll of undeveloped film inside which, with the amazing fillm developing and scanning skills of Adam Paul, were brought back to life. They are from Vietnam sometime between 1955 and… Read More ›

Found Film: German Edition

Flea markets are wonderful things. Not only are they great havens for cheap camera finds, but all sorts of other camera bric-a-brac. In this case, I bought an unknown (at least to me) piece of E. Leitz Wetzlar equipment. UPDATE:… Read More ›

Riken Steky Model II

The Steky is unusual among subminiature cameras due to its full feature set. The camera came with an interchangeable three element fixed focus Stekinar Anastigmat f3.5 25mm lens, fully variable stopped down to f16. Shutter speeds for B, 1/25, 1/50,… Read More ›