Month: June 2017

Olympus Pen-F

What can I say, I have lusted after an Olympus Pen-F for a while. I have a weakness for half-frame cameras and the Pen-F is the pinnacle. When one became available from Japan, at a price I could live with, I… Read More ›

Carl Zeiss Werramat

I didn’t know what to expect with the Carl Zeiss Werramat, originally purchased due to its clean design and unique lens cover. Equally interesting is the rapid-wind and cocking action initiated by twisting the ring at the base of the… Read More ›

Arsenal Kiev 4AM

No, 4AM is not the preferred time to use this camera, rather the model of this great Arsenal Kiev rangefinder, a camera that is a joy to use any time of day. Paired with the Jupiter-8M lens, some remarkable pictures… Read More ›

Beauty Canter 2.8

This is the Beauty Canter 2.8. It is a 35mm rangefinder camera manufactured in 1957 by Taiyodo Koki. Interestingly the Canter has a tinted viewfinder lens and a diamond-shaped rangefinder patch. Make Taiyodo Koki Model Beauty Canter Year c 1957 Format 35mm… Read More ›