Month: October 2016

Kodak Retina IIa (type 016)

Visually, this Kodak Retina IIa (type 016), is a little crunchy. However, the mechanical components are near perfect. This sturdy 35mm folding rangefinder typifies what I like about the Retina lineup and why I have a mini-collection within my collection… Read More ›

Whittaker Micro 16

Produced between 1946 and 1950 by the William R. Whittaker Co. Ltd, in Los Angeles, California the Micro 16 is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. It was popular with some police forces of the era. The film is advanced… Read More ›

Kodak Stereo Camera

The Kodak Stereo Camera surprised me, compared to the lightweight and somewhat flimsy design of the Graflex Stereo Graphic, it feels robust and substantial in hand. It appears easy to use, with self-cocking shutter, smooth focus, and spirit level. Make… Read More ›

Q.R.S Kamra

The 1928 Q.R.S Kamra is an attractive bakelite (though I have seen the material for this particular camera referred to as catalin elsewhere) model based on the slightly earlier, and larger, Ellison camera of the same name. This example and… Read More ›