Month: June 2016

Yashica J

The Yashica J, manufactured in 1961 is a nice 35mm with styling cues similar to other Japanese rangefinder models. The lens is a relatively fast Yashinon f2.8 45mm and though the camera has limited settings, the ones it does have… Read More ›

Kodak Retina 1b type 018

The Kodak Retina 1b (type 018) is an interesting example of the generally amazing Retina lineup. Unlike several of its later brethren, the 018 does not have a rangefinder, nor exposure meter, rather a coupled settings dial keyed to EV… Read More ›

Kodak Retinette type 022

The Kodak Retinette Type 022, produced between 1954 and 1958 was the less expensive option to their Retina line, though the Retina 1b Type 018 has similar features including lack of rangefinder. It is also the first non-folding Retinette. Though… Read More ›

Graflex Ciro 35

After being purchased by Graflex in late 1949 early 1950, the former Ciro 35 (formerly Cee-Ay 35 by Candid Camera Corporation) was re-introduced as the, wait for it, Graflex Ciro 35 which itself was used as the basis for the… Read More ›

Argus C-four

The C4 is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera built by Argus from 1951 to 1958 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Less handsome than the C-3 and more advanced than the Argus A, the C4 is a solidly built piece of equipment that feels like… Read More ›

Olympus Pen EE

The Olympus Pen EE half-frame, fixed lens, viewfinder camera was first introduced in 1961. It has automatic exposure and can be considered an early point and shoot. It’s compact size and copious shot taking ability make it a great camera… Read More ›

Minolta 16 Subminiature 

Featured in many spy movies as the document copier of choice, the Minolta 16 subminiature camera is a well crafted piece of photographic history. This is the Model 1, the first version to allow for slip-on filters and other lens… Read More ›