Month: July 2017

Kodak Instamatic 500

This camera, the Kodak Instamatic 500, was made in Germany between 1963 and 1966. It is the high end of the Instamatic line. Its clean design is solid and attractive, in a Werra sort of way. Make Kodak Model Instamatic… Read More ›

Arsenal Kiev 4A

This is another great Arsenal Kiev rangefinder, a camera that is great to use just like it’s sibling the 4AM. Paired with the Jupiter-8M lens, it is forgiving enough to be a daily shooter. The fine-tune focus wheel is a… Read More ›

Foth Derby Type 3

I knew virtually nothing about the Foth-Derby except that a friend of mine had one and found the camera intriguing. When one became available at a price too good to pass up, I snapped up this little 127 viewfinder camera…. Read More ›

Kodak Retina I (Type 148)

The collection of Retinas continues to grow. This example was picked up at Central Camera in Chicago on my first trip to that photogenic city. As usual, the build quality is exceptional. The Type 148 feels very similar to the… Read More ›

Lomography Fisheye 1

The Lomography Fisheye 1 is a paragon of photographic engineering excellence. No, I can’t say that with a straight face. The tape I used to get a roll of UltraFine 100 film to adhere to the take-up spool (and subsequently… Read More ›

Pentax Auto 110

The Pentax Auto 110 is a tiny beauty that is a joy to shoot with. It is a perfect SLR in a tiny package. The viewfinder is bright and the camera is dead simple to use. That being said, I… Read More ›

Canon demi EE17

I love the way this camera looks, as I do most half-frame shooters, though my favorite by far is the Olympus Pen-F, also introduced in 1963. The viewfinder is bright and controls easy to use. Although, as with many Japanese… Read More ›