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  • Nikon S2

    The Nikon S2 has been on my wish list almost since I started collecting. Thanks to Robert Rotoloni and Mike Eckman I now have the opportunity to own and use this wonderful rangefinder. Much has been written about this camera… Read More ›

  • Maruso Trading Company Top

    This is the Maruso Trading Co Top, a subminiature camera that produces 14x14mm negatives and features both eye and waist- level viewfinders in a single unit thanks to a semi-transparent mirror. Make Maruso Trading Company Model Top Year ~1965 Format… Read More ›

  • Polaroid OneStep “Rainbow” Land Camera

    This is the Polaroid OneStep “Rainbow” SX-70 type instant camera, known as the Polaroid 1000 in areas outside the United States. When I first came across it at a flea market it’s iconic design reminded me of the Mac Classic… Read More ›

  • Welta Welti I

    The Welta Welti I is a neat, compact folding viewfinder camera. It produces great images, due in no small part to its Trioplan lens. Shooting with the Welta is straightforward and logical, reminiscent of the Kodak Retina type 126. Make… Read More ›

  • GE Exposure Meter DW-68

    This is the General Electric (GE) DW-68 selenium cell exposure meter circa 1950. It is essentially a 2D incident meter with a hood. This particular meter still works and is (mostly) accurate.

  • Argus C3 Matchmatic

    The Argus C3 is one of the most ubiquitous cameras in the United States. Rarely will one pass through a flea market or antiques mall without seeing one of these “bricks”. As such, they are often overlooked as a decent… Read More ›

  • Come to the Dark Slide (Lomography Lomo’Instant)

    This is not your father’s instant camera. It is the Lomography Lomo’Instant, and it’s much better than I would have expected. It even has a glass lens which can combine with other glass lenses for more versatility. To be fair,… Read More ›