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  • Found Film: At Home Edition

    Like most of you, I have been practicing social distancing and working at home for the last couple of weeks. Spending this much time at home, rummaging through boxes of camera stuff was bound to happen. Most of it was… Read More ›

  • Digilog #1: Soligor C/D Mirror Lens f8 500mm

    This is the first in an occasional series pairing old glass with new(ish) digital cameras, mainly Fujifilm X-mount series. Before you get too bent out of shape over crop factor, etc, let me explain. I bought a Sony A7ii with… Read More ›

  • Event Horizon

    This is the KMZ Horizon Kompakt, new old stock that recently arrived from Russia. It is an interesting beast: fixed aperture, swing arm shutter with 120 degrees of view, and no tripod mount! Seriously… given that the two shutter speeds… Read More ›

  • Canon P

    This is the Canon P. I am starting to build a Canon rangefinder mini-collection and this camera joins the IV-S and VT Deluxe as some of my favorite rangefinders to use. This camera is very well built and I love… Read More ›

  • Sears Tower One-Twenty

    This handsome 120 format box camera was picked up at a local photography store. I’m a sucker for all things Tower (such as the Sears Tower 51) so it was a no-brainer for several dollars. Make Sears (Tower) Model One… Read More ›

  • The London Four

    I recently took a weekend trip to London and decided to see what I could find in the way of British cameras. Happily, hours spent at the Portobello Road Market were not in vain as I came away with four… Read More ›

  • Brooks Pixmat: Instant-Load Developer

    This is the Brooks Pixmat Instant-Load Developer, an interesting concept that has, among reviews I’ve read, had limited success in producing decent negatives. The small volume of developer is what initially drew me to this tiny contraption, but it remains… Read More ›