Olympus OM-2n

Like the OM-1n, the Olympus OM-2n is a great camera in a compact package. With a body measuring 136x83x50mm, the OM-2n is smaller than many modern mirrorless cameras. It is very similar to the Om-2 with the addition of having auto exposire to 120 seconds as oppossed to 60 second for the OM-2. While very good, the build quality is not as good as the OM-1 and OM-1n.

This particular camera has a Maitani replica signature embedded in the back leather. These cameras were given to Olympus dealers whom had ordered a certain number of cameras.

Make Olympus
Model OM-2n
Year 1979 – 1984
Format 35mm
Shutter Olympus
Speed B, 120sec – 1/1000, aperture-priority
Lens Olympus F.Zuiko Auto-S
f1.8 50mm
Focus 0.45m – ∞
Aperture f1.8 to 16
Light Meter OTF metering
Rangefinder n/a

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