Kodak Retina I (Type 148)

The collection of Retinas continues to grow. This example was picked up at Central Camera in Chicago on my first trip to that photogenic city. As usual, the build quality is exceptional. The Type 148 feels very similar to the… Read More ›

Kodak Retina IIa (type 016)

Visually, this Kodak Retina IIa (type 016), is a little crunchy. However, the mechanical components are near perfect. This sturdy 35mm folding rangefinder typifies what I like about the Retina lineup and why I have a mini-collection within my collection… Read More ›

Kodak Retina 1b type 018

The Kodak Retina 1b (type 018) is an interesting example of the generally amazing Retina lineup. Unlike several of its later brethren, the 018 does not have a rangefinder, nor exposure meter, rather a coupled settings dial keyed to EV… Read More ›

Kodak Retina (type 126)

Manufactured from 1936 to 1937, the Kodak Retina I Type 126 was the first manufactured with a chrome top plate. Though functionally identical to the Type 119, all other control surfaces on the 126 are also chrome. The 126 also… Read More ›