Kodak No. 1A Folding Pocket Special Model D

The No. 1A Folding Pocket Special Model D was produced between 1908 and 1912 by Eastman Kodak. The 1A used 116 film as opposed to the No 1 which used 120. The camera could take 8 exposures of 2 1/2 by 4 1/4.

Manual from Butkus.org

Make Kodak
Model No 1A Folding Pocket Special
Model D
Year 1908 – 1912
Format 116
Shutter Ball Bearing
Speed T,B,25,50,100
Lens Rapid Rectilinear
Focus 6,8,10,15,25, 100 to ∞
Aperture f4 – f128 (current f8 – f45)
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No


  1. Nice pictures of the camera. I’ve just bought one almost identical. Could be used with 120 film just with cheap plastic adapters found on internet.

    There’s a little mistake in your text, I’m afraid. The “A” in No.1A is not for Autographic, as this camera is slightly older than this variants in Kodak. As you can see there’s no “window” in the back for the autographic system, nor stylus. The A just indicates a diferent format (116) than the No.1 (105 format). The same as in their larger sisters No.3 and No.3A.


    1. Thank you! Somehow this comment got buried in the WordPress interface. I have removed the sentence and must have been thinking of my No. 1A Junior Autographic when I wrote the post. I hope to revisit the camera, with film, in the future.


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