Kodak Retinette type 022

The Kodak Retinette Type 022, produced between 1954 and 1958 was the less expensive option to their Retina line, though the Retina 1b Type 018 has similar features including lack of rangefinder. It is also the first non-folding Retinette.

Though not as hefty as a Retina, the Retinette is a well-built and fairly pocketable camera. The bottom-mount film advance lever and back release are identical to those found on some Retinas including the 1b Type 018.

This particular camera has the red on chrome EV numbers.


Make Kodak
Model Retinette (type 022)
Year 1954-1958
Format 35mm
Shutter Compur-Rapid
Speed B,1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500
Lens Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar
f3.5 45mm
Focus 3.5 ft to ∞
Aperture f3.5 to 22
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No

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