Canon IIF2

This example of the Canon IIF2 is a recent arrival from Japan. It does not have the “E-P” mark associated with having been purchased by US servicemen. It is somewhat rare given that just over 2600 were manufactured.

As well built as it is the IIF2 should not neccisarily be billed as A Leica copy, more as a very well executed rangefinder inspired by Leica. The combined viewfinder/rangefinder works well as does the up to 1.5x magnification of the rangefinder. The shutter speed can be set at any time, unlike the Leica’s from the 30’s.

A beautiful Canon Serenar f1.8 50mm lens has joinedthis camera, and I look forward to comparing shots taken with it to ones from the Leitz Elmar.


Make Canon
Model IIF2
Year 1955-1956
Format 35mm
Shutter Curtain
Speed B,T,1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500
Lens Canon Serenar
f1.8 50mm
Focus 1m-∞
Aperture f1.8-f16
Light Meter No
Rangefinder Yes


Sample shots taken with the IIf2. UltraFine 400, stand developed HC-110 30 minutes.


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