Found Film: German Edition

Flea markets are wonderful things. Not only are they great havens for cheap camera finds, but all sorts of other camera bric-a-brac. In this case, I bought an unknown (at least to me) piece of E. Leitz Wetzlar equipment.

UPDATE: Thanks to members of  Vintage Camera Collectors and Vintage Film Shooters, I have been made aware that this is a Leitz Eldur Contact Printer/slide copier.

Wound onto this equipment was a roll of Agfa IsoPan F film. The film was brittle, stuck to itself, and tightly wound. Over the course of four hours, I unrolled, flattened the best I could, and scanned the images. The results are below.

The pictures appear to have been taken shortly after the end of WWII, likely by a U.S. serviceman.

The name shown on the camel’s covering (Neubiberg) belongs to a town southeast of Munich.

The lake is Lake Koenigssee. One of Hitler and Eva Braun’s vacation spots/bunkers is near the north end of the lake, a couple of miles north of Hotel Schiffmeister (Shipmaster) which is also pictured.

Any thoughts, comments, and additions are welcome!

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