Arsenal Kiev 4AM

No, 4AM is not the preferred time to use this camera, rather the model of this great Arsenal Kiev rangefinder, a camera that is a joy to use any time of day. Paired with the Jupiter-8M lens, some remarkable pictures can be captured.

Despite initial issues with wayward fingers blocking the rangefinder window, the 4AM proved easy to use. The fine-tune focus wheel is a welcome feature and made it easy to quickly compose shots.

Make Arsenal
Model Kiev 4AM
Year 1980 – 1987
Format 35mm
Shutter Vertical Blade
Speed B,1 – 1/1250
Lens Jupiter-8M (Contax bayonet mount)
f2 50mm
Focus 1m – ∞
Aperture f2 to 22
Light Meter n/a
Rangefinder Yes

Sample pictures, UF100, HC-110 stand-developed 30min.

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