New Ferrania P30 – A (Mostly) Failed Experiment

I shot a roll of new Ferrania P30 (given to me by Adam Paul) with care. My Olympus OM-1n was the reliable camera of choice. Film specs? You can read the box as well as I. Knowing it was part of the first batches of film to come out of the factory after numerous delays made me nervous.

Developing would be easy, I thought. After all, B&W is primarily what I do.

As it happened, a comedy of developing errors ensued resulting in nasty striations in most of the negatives, not the least of which was attempting to load it on a still-wet reel.

What few non-impacted negatives there are show what this film can do, and I am excited to give it another try.

Here they are in all their gory glory (stand-developed 30 min, HC-110 and Ilford Rapid Fixer):


  1. The striations are quite curious to me. What system did you use to develop it a jobo or stainless steel reels and tanks? This looks like something that was rubbed on during processing


    1. I used an AnscoMatic tank and think they were caused by forcing the film onto a wet reel. Purely user error! 😦


  2. For a first test it’s important to follow the factory instructions, I doubt that Ferrania recommended loading on a wet reel or using stand development.


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