Minox 35GL

This is the Minox 35GL, manufactured circa 1979 and reportedly the smallest 35mm full-frame camera at the time. The controls are laid out well, even for someone like me that has larger than normal hands. The hardest part about using the Minox 35GL is finding correct batteries.

Shots came out way sharper than I expected; this is definitely not a one-and-done camera.

This particular 35GL is the second I have acquired and has the double-stroke quick wind system. My other 35GL has knob wind and a non-functional shutter.

Make Minox
Model 35GL
Year c1979
Format 35mm
Shutter Minox
Speed 30sec – 1/500
Lens Color-Minotar
f2.8 35mm
Focus 3ft – ∞
Aperture f2.8 to 16
Light Meter CdS, Auto Exposure, needle indication
Rangefinder No



Example photos shot by Diwakar Sharma, developed by me (UltraFine 100, stand-developed HC-110 30 min, Ilford Rapid Fixer):


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