¡No Bueno!

I recently returned from my honeymoon in Patagonia and my plan had been to showcase some awesome black and white photos taken on an Olympus OM-1. It was not meant to be…

Along with full Fuji X-T1 digital kit I packed the OM-1, G.Zuiko Auto-W f3.5 28mm, 2 rolls of Silberra Pan200 and a couple of rolls of Svema procured from the FPP Store. Stupidly I did not take any of my tried-and-true Ilford Delta 100.

The humidity and cold temperatures played havoc with both brands of thin substrate film. They were either wildly floppy like a wet noodle or brittle to the point of shearing off in the camera.

Prior to taking the trip, I tested the OM-1 with some Kentmere 100 (see below) and it worked flawlessly. The rolls I did complete were horrible to load into developing reels and I ended up with mostly unusable negatives. I have posted the few I was able to salvage below.

Pre-trip test on Kentmere 100

Sample trip photos (Silberra Pan200)

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