Event Horizon

This is the KMZ Horizon Kompakt, new old stock that recently arrived from Russia. It is an interesting beast: fixed aperture, swing arm shutter with 120 degrees of view, and no tripod mount! Seriously… given that the two shutter speeds are for daylight and nightime, it would be particularly useful for the latter.

The camera arrived with two filters, clear and yellow. It took some time to figure out how to attach them, and even more to remove. The installation proccess invloves holding the cocking level at half position and inserting the filter into the lens slit with the filters spring arm angled upwards. With some pressure, it will slip in and be held in place by tension. To remove, insert the other filter with hooks positioned to grab onto the installed filters hooks, then pull up quickly to remove the filter.

From Russia with Love
ModelHorizon Kompakt
Format35mm (panoramic)
Speed2, 60
LensIndustar MC
 f8 28mm
Aperturef8 (fixed)
Light MeterNo

These pictures are from the first roll of film through the camera. Shot on HC-110 and stand developed for 30 minutes, they came out well.

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