Pentax Zoom 105-R

This is the Pentax Zoom 105-R, picked up on a recommendation from Adam Paul since the default ISO is 25 for any non-DX film which makes it ideal for testing older, expired, unusual film types.

The previous owner had left batteries in the camera way too long, but after cleaning the contacts an installing fresh ones, it came back to life. One thing to note is that the date back calendar ends in 2019, so I will not be able to use it except in a mode that doesn’t display the year.

Two features I will explore in future rolls are the macro function and slow-speed film handling, both of which I am looking forward to.

Manual for this camera.

ModelZoom 105-R
Speed1/3 to 1/250
 f4 – f7.8 38-105mm
Focus0.45m – ∞
Aperturef4 – f7.8
Light MeterAutoexposure

Sample images shot on Berrger Pancro 400. Stand-developed HC-110 30 minutes.

Elizabeth Furnace Recreational Area, George Washington National Forest and panorama of Bethesda, MD stitched together in Affinity Photo.


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