Minolta Freedom Zoom Explorer

This is the Minolta Freedom Zoom Explorer, on loan from Adam Paul, a fun P&S with “panoramic” mode and date function. On power up the lens is exposed and the flash pops up, regardless if it is required or not. The camera supports film ISO from 25 – 3200.

While a fairly boring overall style, button utility on the Freedom Zoom Explorer is quite good, with everything placed in a useful configuration. Never did I find myself hitting something unintentionally.

The Freedom Zoom Explorer makes use of as much film on the roll as possible with very little waste as opposed to some other P&S cameras I have used (looking at you, Olympus Zoom 100 LT).

ModelFreedom Zoom Explorer
SpeedAuto (8 sec – 1/500)
 f3.5-8.9 28-70mm Macro
Focus< 1ft – ∞
Aperturef3.5 – 8.9
Light MeterAuto-aperture

Sample images taken on Kodak P3200, stand developed HC-110 for 30 min.

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