Argus C-four

The C4 is a 35mm coupled-rangefinder camera built by Argus from 1951 to 1958 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Less handsome than the C-3 and more advanced than the Argus A, the C4 is a solidly built piece of equipment that feels like it will stand up to moderate use on a daily basis.

The viewfinder with superimposed rangefinder is particularly good and film loading is a snap. This particular camera shares its chassis with the Argus 21 Markfinder, though not all C4s do.

I recently ran my first roll of film through this camera, four years after first posting it on this site. I am pleased with the results though the images are softer than I typically prefer. Kodak 400TX is also not my usual film stock, so this camera may need to be revisited. 

Make Argus
Model C-four
Year 1951- 1958
Format 35mm
Shutter Argus leaf
Speed B,10,25,50,100,300
Lens Coated Cintar
  f2.8 50mm
Focus 3ft to ∞
Aperture f2.8 to 22
Light Meter No
Rangefinder  Yes



Sample images taken on Kodak 400TX, stand-developed HC110 30 min.


  1. I wonder what Argus was going for here — sort-of Leica looks? Their Coated Cintar lenses were usually capable of good sharpness, so I do wonder why your images were soft.


    1. Not sure, but I’ll going to try again with a slower speed film and if that helps. As for looks, I believe they were trying to get away from the “brick” look of earlier Argus models and they succeeded to a degree, though at the expense of build quality. I much prefer the feel of the C-3 to this.

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