Agfa-Gevaert 5.61 Film

Shot on my now loaned out Fiji STX-2, this is Agfa-Gevaert 561 film positive fine grain film. This was hand-spooled by Adam Paul. Make sure to check out the other hand-spooled goodies he has for sale. This roll marks the… Read More ›

Agfa Agfaflex IV

This camera is awesome! Based on pictures from the auction site, I was expecting something slightly gimmicky like my Agfa Optima Reflex. Instead, the Agfaflex IV,¬†known as the Ambiflex II outside of the United States, is a gem. The controls… Read More ›

Agfa Optima Reflex

The Agfa Optima Reflex is an unusual looking 35mm TLR produced between 1961 and 1966. The lens is an Agfa Color Apotar f2.8 with shutter speeds from 1/30th to 1/250th. Make Agfa Model Optima Reflex Year 1961-1966 Format 35mm Shutter Prontor Speed… Read More ›