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  • Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex 622

    This is my first Rolleiflex and I am very pleased with it. I have been looking for one, at a decent price, almost since the start of my collection. This particular camera appears to be an early Franke & Heidecke… Read More ›

  • Mandel PDQ Model H

    This interesting camera caught my eye while perusing my copy of McKeown’s a.k.a. My Wishlist. The idea of a paper direct positive camera is appealing to me as another aspect of the hobby. It consists of a wooden box camera… Read More ›

  • First Attempt at Color Processing

    These are not the best shots. I hastily ran Fuji 200 through my Continental TXL and Yashica Electro 35MC. The negatives were proccessed using the Ultrafine Unicolor C41 kit from Freestyle and developed according to box directions. I was nervous to… Read More ›

  • Yashica Y16

    The Yashica Y16 is a very well built and capable camera. Its poor sales were due primarily to the proprietary cassette system that was dropped on Yashica’s later 16mm cameras. The camera came in several color combinations all gray with… Read More ›

  • KW Pilot 6

    Manufactured by Kamera Werkstätten Guthe & Thorsch the Pilot 6 is a boxy medium format SLR. The aperture is controlled by a slider on the front of the camera, while the shutter aka mirror is set with the long lever… Read More ›

  • Fujica Half

    The Fujica Half is a handsome, pocketable half-frame 35mm camera. It was manufactured in response to the excellent Olympus Pen (here is a slightly later model) and looks not dissimilar to the Canon Demi. Functionally, the camera does what it… Read More ›

  • Konishiroku Snappy

    This is the nicest sub-miniature camera in my collection. It was manufactured by Konishiroku (Konica) starting in 1949, continuing for a few years. It is similar in size to Tougodo Hit cameras but has a substantially better fit and finish…. Read More ›