Welta Welti I

The Welta Welti I is a neat, compact folding viewfinder camera. It produces great images, due in no small part to its Trioplan lens. Shooting with the Welta is straightforward and logical, reminiscent of the Kodak Retina type 126. Make… Read More ›

Fujica Half

The Fujica Half is a handsome, pocketable half-frame 35mm camera. It was manufactured in response to the excellent Olympus Pen (here is a slightly later model) and looks not dissimilar to the Canon Demi. Functionally, the camera does what it… Read More ›

Argus A3

This is the Argus A3. I like it because it has more of an art deco aesthetic that its siblings, such as the Argus A, though it shares the same leaf shutter. It also has a pop-out lens barrel and… Read More ›

Foth Derby Type 3

I knew virtually nothing about the Foth-Derby except that a friend of mine had one and found the camera intriguing. When one became available at a price too good to pass up, I snapped up this little 127 viewfinder camera…. Read More ›

Kodak Retina I (Type 148)

The collection of Retinas continues to grow. This example was picked up at Central Camera in Chicago on my first trip to that photogenic city. As usual, the build quality is exceptional. The Type 148 feels very similar to the… Read More ›

Robot Junior

One of a long line of clockwork cameras, the Robot Junior is a solid, well-crafted viewfinder camera produced between 1954 and 1960 by Robot Foto und Electronic of Düsseldorf, Germany. The Junior is similar to the Robot IIa, though it… Read More ›

Rollei 35

Production of German-made 35’s started in 1966 with Singapore following in 1971 with additional German models produced after the Singapore plant closed in 1981. The Rollei 35 can rightfully be called a miniature viewfinder camera as there was no smaller… Read More ›