Hanimex Amphibian 35

This is orange, bulky beast is the Hanimex Amphibian 35, an underwater camera circa 1983. Nine-year-old me would have absolutely loved having something like this. It would have been the perfect companion for adventures in and around the pond behind the house where I grew up.

Or is the name this way around?

ModelAmphibian 35
Lenstessar type
 f2.8 35mm
Focus1m – ∞
Aperturef2.8 – 16
Light MeterYes

Adult me loves the quirky look of this camera and will use it when kayaking.

The controls are well designed for use in the wet, on land or underwater. They are shaped appropriately and ribbed for your shooting pleasure.

Unfortunately, the sturdiness of the locking mechanism has taken its toll on the acrylic back and the locking tab broke when attempting to close the camera after removing film. I have found a non working example and will transplant the back.

Sample images taken on Kodak TMax 100. Stand developed HC110 for 30 minutes.


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