Graflex Graphic 35

The Graflex Graphic 35 is a fun 35mm rangefinder camera with a quirky design. The dual push buttons for focus is one of its more interesting design choices, though the short throw of the arrangement can make it difficult to focus at times. The Speedomatic color-coded exposure calculator is a great idea but rarely works in practice as it is accurate only with specific film.

Make Graflex
Model Graphic 35
Year 1955 – 1958
Format 35mm
Shutter Prontor-SVS
Speed B,1,2,4,8,15,30,50,125,300
Lens Graflar f2.8
Aperture 2.8 to 22
Focus 3ft to ∞
Rangefinder Yes
Light Meter No

Side note: The body release lever does not trigger the shutter as it should, requiring it to be done on the lens body itself. This appears to be a common problem with the Graphic 35.



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