Graflex Compact

Though it appears anything but by most standards, this is the Graflex Compact. I acquired this camera, the largest in my collection, the same weekend as I got my smallest (the Riken Steky model II). I can’t find the minimum… Read More ›

Graflex Ciro 35

After being purchased by Graflex in late 1949 early 1950, the former Ciro 35 (formerly Cee-Ay 35 by Candid Camera Corporation) was re-introduced as the, wait for it, Graflex Ciro 35 which itself was used as the basis for the… Read More ›

Graflex Stereo Graphic

Manufactured between 1955 and 1960, the Graflex Stereo Graphic 35mm camera is a rather basic, though effective, stereo camera. It takes a pair of pictures with each exposure allowing for, I believe, 18 stereoscopic prints. The exposure settings are as follows:… Read More ›

Graflex Graphic 35

The Graflex Graphic 35 is a fun 35mm rangefinder camera with a quirky design. The dual push buttons for focus is one of its more interesting design choices, though the short throw of the arrangement can make it difficult to focus… Read More ›