Minolta 16 Subminiature 

Featured in many spy movies as the document copier of choice, the Minolta 16 subminiature camera is a well crafted piece of photographic history. This is the Model 1, the first version to allow for slip-on filters and other lens accessories.

There is a satisfying “ka-chunk” as the housing is pulled to advance the film, cock the shutter and prepare the camera for firing. When closed, the housing protects the precision components inside.

Make Minolta
Model 16
Year 1957
Format 16mm
Shutter Minolta
Speed 25, 50, 200
Lens Minolta Rokkor
f3.5 25mm
Focus Fixed
Aperture f3.5 to f11
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No

Example shots:


  1. Nice and sharp pictures. Thanks for posting aand the fb post.
    I have the first model like this and the second model with more shutterspeeds. Both in more colours. And also the predecessor the Konan. which has a different filmcassette for the 16 mm film. And diff. Filtersets for the Minolta models


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