spy camera

Yashica Y16

The Yashica Y16 is a very well built and capable camera. Its poor sales were due primarily to the proprietary cassette system that was dropped on Yashica’s later 16mm cameras. The camera came in several color combinations all gray with… Read More ›

Riken Steky Model II

The Steky is unusual among subminiature cameras due to its full feature set. The camera came with an interchangeable three element fixed focus Stekinar Anastigmat f3.5 25mm lens, fully variable stopped down to f16. Shutter speeds for B, 1/25, 1/50,… Read More ›

Arsenal Kiev 30

The Kiev 30, manufactured in the Ukraine by Arsenal between 1974 and 1983 with tooling pilfered from Zeiss. I have a few other subminiature cameras including the Whittaker Micro 16, Tougodo Hit, Minolta-16, and Minox III, but the Kiev 30… Read More ›

Whittaker Micro 16

Produced between 1946 and 1950 by the William R. Whittaker Co. Ltd, in Los Angeles, California the Micro 16 is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. It was popular with some police forces of the era. The film is advanced… Read More ›

Minolta 16 Subminiature 

Featured in many spy movies as the document copier of choice, the Minolta 16 subminiature camera is a well crafted piece of photographic history. This is the Model 1, the first version to allow for slip-on filters and other lens… Read More ›