Graflex Ciro 35

After being purchased by Graflex in late 1949 early 1950, the former Ciro 35 (formerly Cee-Ay 35 by Candid Camera Corporation) was re-introduced as the, wait for it, Graflex Ciro 35 which itself was used as the basis for the Graflex Graphic 35.

It has a split image coupled rangefinder and Alphax Synchro-Matic shutter. The focusing lever has nice long throw, unlike the interesting but wonky dual triggers on the Graphic 35 and the Wollensak f3.5 lens is crisp.


Make Graflex
Model Ciro 35
Year  1950-1955
Format 35mm
Shutter Alphax Synchro-Matic
Speed T,B,10,25,100,200
Lens Wollensak Anastigmat
f3.5 50mm
Focus 3ft to ∞
Aperture f3.5 to 16
Light Meter No
Rangefinder  Yes


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