Ansco Vest Pocket no. 2(A)

After a fairly long hiatus due to moving, I will be posting cameras here on a regular basis.

The Ansco VP no. 2(A) is one of the neatest cameras I have come across in a while. The action of its strut-folding mechanism made me smile the first time I used it and the overall attention to detail is excellent.

Information on this model seems a little sketchy, with various sources attributing it as either a VP no. 2 or Model A. I am choosing to call it a 2(A) since the specs all point to a no. 2, but the inside of the back cover calls it a Model A (the cover is NOT from what is identified as a Model A in McKeowns).


Make Ansco
Model Vest Pocket no. 2(A)
Year 1915-1924
Format 120
Shutter Bionic
Speed B,T, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200
Lens Modico Anastigmat
f7.5 (#229808)
Focus 6 ft to ∞
Aperture f7.5 to 32
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No


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