120 film

Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor 54/2

This is the Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor which is one of the nicest box cameras I have used. Build quality is solid and thoughtful features, like the shutter lock, make this feel like a premium camera. Everything on this camera works… Read More ›

KW Pilot 6

Manufactured by Kamera Werkstätten Guthe & Thorsch the Pilot 6 is a boxy medium format SLR. The aperture is controlled by a slider on the front of the camera, while the shutter aka mirror is set with the long lever… Read More ›

Mamiya M645

This camera is a beast. The Mamiya 645 is not something that I intended to get as it always seemed too large and bulky for the type of shooting that I do. However, the look of the camera, promise of… Read More ›

Mamiya Six IV

Not to be confused with the later Mamiya 6, this is the Mamiya Six folding camera. I came across this camera when trying to decide what gear to take on a multi-day backpacking trip. It was only after receiving the… Read More ›

Rollei Rolleicord II Type 3

This is the Rolleicord II Type 3, instead of a Rolleiflex I picked this up soon after starting my camera collection. This medium format twin-lens reflex camera uses 120 format film, though there was an attachment called the Rolleikin that allowed… Read More ›