Nikon EM

This Nikon EM was a $10 flea market pickup, with a Nikon E Series f1.8 50mm lens. Originally marketed as an SLR for women, I rank the EM up there with the Olympus OM-1n and Pentax ME Super as one of my favorite cameras to use.

It’s small size, and weight, make it easy to carry yet it feels reassuringly solid in hand. All controls are laid out logically and provide enough tactile feedback that the camera can be operated by feel.

It is straightforward to use on the Auto setting and even has a low-light beep to warn of under exposure. The EM was a great deal for $10 but an outstanding camera in general.

Make Nikon
Model EM
Year 1979
Format 35mm
Shutter Seiko MFC-E focal-plane
Speed 1 – 1000 (auto), 90 (manual), B
Lens Nikon E Series
f1.8 50mm
Focus 2ft – ∞
Aperture f1.8 to 22
Light Meter Yes (aperture priority)
Rangefinder SLR

Sample images (Ilford Delta 100, HC-110 stand-developed 30min, Ilford Rapid Fixer):

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