Pentax ME Super

I consider the Olympus OM-1n as one of my favorite recent acquisitions to shoot, but a friend recommended I try the Pentax ME Super. It has a similar form factor and feel to the Olympus. It also feels lighter in hand, a fact borne out by the specs. The ME Super is roughly two-tenths of a pound lighter when equipped with similarly specced lenses.

I found the controls easy to figure out and focusing was quick and easy. The Pentax makes reassuring sounds through all modes of operation, and I found the automatic shutter control and interface to be on point.

Make Pentax
Model ME Super
Year 1979 – 1984
Format 35mm
Shutter Pentax Electronic Focal Plane
Speed 4s to 1/2000
Lens Asahi Optical SMC Pentax-M
f2 50mm
Focus 0.45m – ∞
Aperture f2 to 22
Light Meter n/a
Rangefinder n/a



Sample images (Ultrafine 400, HC-110 stand developed 30 mins):


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