Polaroid OneStep “Rainbow” Land Camera

This is the Polaroid OneStep “Rainbow” SX-70 type instant camera, known as the Polaroid 1000 in areas outside the United States. When I first came across it at a flea market it’s iconic design reminded me of the Mac Classic and perhaps a mid 70’s panel van.

It takes SX-70 film packs but can also use 600 film packs with a neutral-density filter.

Click here for a pdf of the manual I received with this camera.

This camera operates the same as pretty much any other Polaroid SX-70/600 variant, meaning you can pretty much crank the exposure all the way down and leave it there when outdoors. Unless it’s cloudy you won’t need to change it.

Film is readily avaliable from Polaroid Originals, and though I have had very mixed results with their products it’s still worth it to be able to use a classic such as this.

Model Onestep Land Camera (1000)
Year ~1977
Format SX-70/600 pack film
Shutter Polaroid
Speed Electronic
Lens Polaroid
f14.6 103mm
Focus fixed
Aperture (light>dark)Exposure compensation dial
Light Meter No
Rangefinder No

Polaroid OneStep Land CameraPolaroid OneStep Land CameraPolaroid OneStep Land CameraPolaroid OneStep Land Camera

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