Mamiya M645

This camera is a beast. The Mamiya 645 is not something that I intended to get as it always seemed too large and bulky for the type of shooting that I do. However, the look of the camera, promise of… Read More ›

Agfa Agfaflex IV

This camera is awesome! Based on pictures from the auction site, I was expecting something slightly gimmicky like my Agfa Optima Reflex. Instead, the Agfaflex IV,¬†known as the Ambiflex II outside of the United States, is a gem. The controls… Read More ›

Nikon EM

This Nikon EM was a $10 flea market pickup, with a Nikon E Series f1.8 50mm lens. Originally marketed as an SLR for women, I rank the EM up there with the Olympus OM-1n and Pentax ME Super as one… Read More ›

Pentax Auto 110

The Pentax Auto 110 is a tiny beauty that is a joy to shoot with. It is a perfect SLR in a tiny package. The viewfinder is bright and the camera is dead simple to use. That being said, I… Read More ›

Olympus Pen-F

What can I say, I have lusted after an Olympus Pen-F for a while. I have a weakness for half-frame cameras and the Pen-F is the pinnacle. When one became available from Japan, at a price I could live with, I… Read More ›

Pentax ME Super

I consider the Olympus OM-1n as one of my favorite recent acquisitions to shoot, but a friend recommended I try the Pentax ME Super. It has a similar form factor and feel to the Olympus. It also feels lighter in hand,… Read More ›

Ihagee Exakta Varex IIa

Since starting my collection, I have always liked the look of Ihagee cameras. In fact, I have nine of them, eight working. Oddly I have never shot with one until now. Which one did I pick? The Varex IIa. Despite… Read More ›