Vintage Digital: Nikon Coolpix 950

And now for something completely different…. The Nikon Coolpix 950. This is my first vintage digital camera post. The 950 is an interesting camera, though it sports low megapixel count compared to more modern cameras it has gathered followers who use it for macro and astro-photography.

The lens and sensor housing rotates independently from the main body which makes for a design more similar to a video camera than a still one, but which has advantages when taking pictures at odd angles.

The 950 can be used in manual mode for both focus and aperture, each one individually, or both in automatic.

ModelCoolPix 950
FormatDigital (Compact Flash)
SensorCCD (0.5″, 2.1MP)
Max Shutter Speed1/750
LensZoom Nikkor
 f2.8 – f4 7mm – 21mm
Focus2cm – ∞
Aperturef2.8 – f4
Manual ModeYes
Built-in FlashYes

    The 950 has a built-in B&W mode which I find quite good. While color rendition tends towards inaccurate, the B&W photos have a certain soul and charm. Mainly shooting film has changed how I use digital cameras; I tend to take one shot only per subject and the CoolPix 950 is no exception.


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