Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor 54/2

This is the Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor which is one of the nicest box cameras I have used. Build quality is solid and thoughtful features, like the shutter lock, make this feel like a premium camera.

Everything on this camera works beautifully and taking pictures was real joy with forgiving Delta 100.

MakeZeiss Ikon
ModelBox-Tengor 54/2
Year1934 – 1938
ShutterZeiss Ikon
LensGoerz Frontar
 2-element achromat
Focus1-2m, 2-8m, 8m to ∞
Aperturef11, f16, f22
Light MeterNo

Sample images on Ilford Delta 100, stand developed HC110 30min

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  1. I had two Box Tengors, with minor differences between them. They are definitely the ‘Cadillac’ of box cameras. Or at least the Buick. 😉


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