Canon P

This is the Canon P. I am starting to build a Canon rangefinder mini-collection and this camera joins the IV-S and VT Deluxe as some of my favorite rangefinders to use.

This camera is very well built and I love the attention to detail, such as the door release and rewind lever. The camera feels great in the hand and as a very usable rangefinder patch.

The lens pictured is a Serenar f2 85mm, though the same pictures were taken with a Topcor f2 50mm. Serenar lenses are extremely sharp and I expect much better results when I use one on the next go round.

Shuttermetal curtain
LensTokyo Kogaku Topcor-S
 f2 50mm
Focus3.5ft – ∞
Aperturef2 – f16
Light MeterNo

These sample images were taken on Kodak Tmax 100 and stand developed in HC-110 for 30 minutes. Instead of using my standard Paterson tank setup, I tried the Ars Imago Lab Box. Clearly I have not yet gotten the hang of it as there are numerous issues with the negatives, including odd splotches that occurred despite using photo flo. The next round will get developed the usual way.

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