Canon VT De luxe

Canon VT De Luxe engraved name

Part of my ever expanding Canon rangefinder mini-collection, this Canon VT De luxe is the latest acquisition though it has taken me some months to get around to shooting it.

Everything on this camera works except for the spring return of the rapid trigger, which works most of the time but can require some force to do so. All other controls are solid and precise, as is usual for Canon rangefinders.

This appears to be the last version of this camera, from 1958. It has metal shutter curtains and warm-colored viewfinder.

ModelVT De Luxe v3
Year1959 (serial# 569419)
Shutterfocal plane, metal curtain
LensCanon Serenar
 f1.8 50mm
Focus3.5ft – ∞
Aperturef1.8 – f16
Light MeterNo
Canon VT De Luxe Ad

A wonderful detail on this camera is the door release mechanism. The flip-out knob on the base retracts a metal retainer when turned, allowing the lock for the hinged back to be used.

A couple of other features to note are the viewfinder selector dial, an elegant way to calibrate the viewfinder for the correct lens focal length and the film plane mark just to the left of the accessory shoe.

Images shot with the Canon VT De Luxe and Serenar f2 80mm lens on Svema 400. Stand developed HC-110 for 30minutes. The panorama was stitched together in Affinity Photo.

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