Digilog #1: Soligor C/D Mirror Lens f8 500mm

This is the first in an occasional series pairing old glass with new(ish) digital cameras, mainly Fujifilm X-mount series. Before you get too bent out of shape over crop factor, etc, let me explain.

I bought a Sony A7ii with the intent of doing the series with it but every time I went to shoot, I grabbed one of my Fuji’s. For me, the Sony has no soul and I found the button layout and interface frustrating.

Yes, I know I’m not making full use of lens as they were intended to be used, but that’s what my 500-ish film cameras are for. This series is about seeing what results I can get from old glass in lieu of buying more lenses for my digital kit.

This is the Soligor C/D Mirror Lens f8 500mm. It came with an Olympus bundle picked up at the local flea market a several months back. The bundle included an OM-1, OM-10, autowinder, and several lenses including this mirror one. I ordered a Fotasy OM-FX adapter and paired this lens with my Fujifilm X-E1.

I am still trying to figure out the best settings for the camera (and focus, apparently) but here are a few shots. All but the last one were taken today. The picture of the moon was taken last October.

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