Found Film: At Home Edition

Like most of you, I have been practicing social distancing and working at home for the last couple of weeks. Spending this much time at home, rummaging through boxes of camera stuff was bound to happen. Most of it was lenses, SLRs, filters and the like, but I came across aroll of Delta 100 at the bottom of a particularly nondescript box.

At first I thought it was an empty, and was going to toss it, but decided to verify. Using a dark bag I opened the cansiter and quickly realized there was a partial roll inside. Curious as to the contents it was quickly developed in HC-110. Here are the results.

I have no idea what camera I used to take these, but I do know where they were taken: Graffiti Alley in Baltimore, MD. This is the only space in Maryland where it is legal to paint graffiti and there are some truly wonderful, if temporary, works of art gracing these walls.

The photos were taken almost a year and a half ago when I was going back and forth to OpenWorks makerspace in the same city. Coinidentally, OpenWorks is ramping up production of 3D-printed face shields to provide to first responders and medical personnel. So, check them out, and donate if you’re so inclined.

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