Home C-41 Developing (take 2)

This is my second attempt at developing color negatives at home. The last attempt was almost a year and a half ago and decided home quarantine would be a great time to get better at the process.

I ordered the one quart Arista C-41 kit from Freestyle and prepared to develop a roll of Cinestill 50D from my Voigtländer R2A and an old roll of Fujicolor 100 from a Clarus MS-35. Unfortunately the designated film thermometer was no longer functional so I took the opportunity to purchase a cheap sous vide.

The sink setup

It worked amazingly well at maintaining temperature and circulating water around the chemicals and developing tank which allowed me to focus more on other parts of the process.

Following the box directions for the Arista kit was fairly easy, though I am so used to stand-developing all my black and white film that the idea of having to invert/agitate every 30 seconds was rather foreign. The chemicals had been mixed a couple of days prior, also an easy process.

Here are the some results from the Cinestill 50D including a panorama stitched together in Affinity Photo:

And the one okay picture from the Fujicolor 100:


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