Mamiya 35 Crown

This is the Mamiya 35 Crown. It was also known as the Mamiya 35 Executive in some markets with a different color scheme (grey). This camera was labelled as a “Mamiya Sekor” rangefinder by the seller and I was able to snap it up at a good price.

The Crown was one of the dirtier cameras I’ve purchased and required a good hour or so of work to get in presentable condition. Build quality is very good, though the camera feels lighter than expected for its size.

The rangefinder patch, while not particularly large, is bright and easy has good contrast. My main gripe with the camera is that the film advance is very light. I prefer cameras that have more positive feedback when the film is advanced and shutter cocked.

Model35 Crown
SpeedB, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500
LensMamiya-Sekor F.C.
 f1.9 48mm
Focus0.9m – ∞
Aperturef1.9 – f16
Light MeterNo

Sample images shot on Ilford FP4, stand developed HC110 30 min.

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