Mamiya M645

This camera is a beast. The Mamiya 645 is not something that I intended to get as it always seemed too large and bulky for the type of shooting that I do. However, the look of the camera, promise of stunning photographs, and the ability to take out lurking zombies in a post-apocalyptic camera store with one swing eventually persuaded me to pick up not one, but two, of them. I will be keeping only one as the bodies are identical, so if you’re stocking up for the impending collapse of society, let me know.

This particular camera is paired with a Mamiya-Sekor C f2.8 70mm lens, which has a leaf shutter that can be used instead of the one built into the body, and AE prism finder.

Make Mamiya
Model M645
Year 1975 – 1987
Format 120 (4.5x6cm)
Shutter Cloth Focal Plane
Speed B, 8 – 1/500, the red dot is for the AE finder
Lens Mamiya-Sekor C
f2.8 70mm
Focus 0.8m – ∞
Aperture f2.8 to f22
Light Meter Built in to AE finder
Rangefinder SLR

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