Univex AF-2

The Univex AF-2 is an incredibly simple fixed-aperture camera introduced in 1935 for approximately $1. Though every effort was made to produce a camera that Great Depression era Americans could afford, it has it’s own beautiful charm. Make Univex Model… Read More ›

Univex Mercury II

The Univex Mercury II 35mm half-frame camera is the post WWII version of the Mercury I. Univex’s proprietary #200 film was ditched in favor of 35mm for this model. With its rotary shutter, capable of up 1/1000ths of a second… Read More ›

Univex Twinflex

Made in 1939, the Univex Twinflex is one of the smallest TLR cameras ever produced. With matched meniscus lenses, one-speed shutter (plus bulb), and a lightweight bakelite and aluminum construction, the Twinflex is a pocketable TLR.